GIS Services

A Geographic Information System (GIS) provides a powerful tool that can improve the effieciency of any large or small parcel of land. A GIS system collects, stores, analyzes and manages data and associated attributes that are spatially referenced to the site. The Riverstone Company Land Planning Division provides GIS services to institutions and municipalities including:

Utility Database Development

  • Quick database reference for public utility departments
  • Easy OUPS response (no searching through plans)

Property Database Management

  • Overall Parcel Mapping for quick reference
  • Attach useful information to parcels for public use

Zoning and Land Use Mapping

  • Generate maps for office or public use
  • Display map Online (direct zoning inquiries to website)

GPS Survey Control for GIS

  • Establish municipal-wide coordinate system

General Mapping Needs

  • Street address mapping
  • Crime scene/criminal mapping